WebCircle Design Services offers a wide range of internet and intranet services ranging from internet web page creation and hosting to intranet database design and implementation.

Website Design and Maintenance

The most common thing we do, very simply we make and update websites. Almost sounds too easy to be considered work, but our sites range from a few static webpages and images to multi-domain database driven multi-user access level sites.

Internet Service Hosting

We can host your website, your email or other internet services, public and private. We host on a variety of operating systems and platforms and can handle most any configuration you might need..

Due to security concerns we do not use any Microsoft™ IIS webservers.

Internet Programming

We program in the various and sundry languages of the internet, from cold fusion to perl, html to xml, we speak sql fluently in it's various dialects. Java / javascript friendly as well.

Design Review and Consulting

We would be happy to lend our experience to your design review process. We have a diverse and talented pool of folks (which is to say we have lots of opinions) to draw upon to review your specifications before implementation.

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