Credit where credit is due


WebCircle Design Services uses O'Reilly's Website Professional Web Server on our NT servers and the Apache HTTP Server on our unix servers.

We use Allaire's fine Cold Fusion for some of our database to web needs and MySQL throughout our client sites.

Cold Fusion MySQL
We use perl. Where? Everywhere we can. Why? Because it is portal, pliable and it performs perfectly.


Hardware ( or what the above software runs on )

Our servers and workstations are designed and constructed by EG Technology Corp.

Smartware ( how do you put the software and hardware together? )

Without the guidance and assistance of Len Rose of, many of the things we do would not be possible. We cannot recommend anyone more highly for the services they provide.

Connectivity ( getting what we have here to where you are there )

Our Connectivity to the rest of the internet provided by

Community ( places to share and learn )

A special thanks to the different forums and online communities we have contributed to and have learned from.

If you enjoy perl, you might enjoy PerlMonks

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Credit where credit is due
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